Programming ‘r’ Us

I have to admit I’ve recently started to feel myself as a true nerd or geek after having a tiny identity crisis this summer. I’ve suspected if my nerdness is ever to the level that I could

  1. learn programming
  2. know programming
  3. earn my living with programming

which are kind of requirements even for studying here at Tampere Polytechnic, since I was foolish (or wise, YMMV) enough to actually pick programming as my majoring subject.

But now… I’m in love. I’m in love with PHP, which is Gaia’s answer to my holler. Yes, I knew the potential, but for so long my needs for homepage development have been really minor and I haven’t actually paid any attention to the automatification possibilities of several tasks.

What I’ve done with PHP? These webpages. The blogging system is still underway, now I’m blogging with nano but that’ll change soon enough. But yes. I’ve got a RSS feed built with PHP. I’ve got high hopes on what to do with my pages… and what to do with PHP!

Java though… I feel like that’s the major pain in the butt. I guess my first experiences with it were kinda bad and they’ve affected my attitude towards the classes I’ve had now here at TAMK.

Programming is addictive. I’ve managed to get into the flow feeling several times recently, mainly because of good and successful programming. Making of the RSS feed was one of the most satisfying experiences for few months… I think I am a geek.



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