New year, new tricks

Ah, what has happened… Let’s start to unspun the tale chronologically.

The Free/Cheap herring thing went fine. Only one attendee, but the show was great. The material caused a great deal of stress, but I survived.

Programming techniques exam went bad. I need to do it again. The exercise that I did for that course is great. I bought a .5l bottle of Finnish spirits (Koskenkorva) for a friend who nudged me to the correct direction. I had some difficulties of getting information out of the Java object that I constructed and the solution that he told me was elegant and correct. I just love friends.

I went to a internship interview. I might have gotten the position, though I’m not 100% sure even yet. The place is straight from my daydreams, but I won’t reveal it until my name is on the dotted line.

XML exercise that I did is ugly and doesn’t work perfectly yet, but it has great potential. The best part being that I did it for real use, not just for the exercise, and it’s going to be used in real life.

My evening work of office cleaning has shifted to a more pleasant experience. The office that I cleaned since August decided not to continue the cleaning contract and I got another place to clean. The post office is right next to the bus stop, there’s a grocery store and video rental and pharmacy and all kinds of shops right next to it, and the best part: the estimated and allotted time to do the cleaning is realistic. I really *can* clean the post office in two hours, I have a floor cleaning machine and I can start the job at 7 pm and get done before it’s too late to use the busses to get home (which is nice because then I can cook and do homework and schoolwork after school without panic).

Christmas went fine, I ate ham and casseroles and salad and homemade macaroni and cheese, and got great presents:

  • Star Wars IV, V, VI and extras boxed set DVD’s
  • Dancing Mate for XBOX to play StepmaniaX and fool myself into fun exercise
  • Two polar bear teddies, one huge with a woollen hat and scarf, one with a snoozing sound and belly going up and down when shaken or squeezed, with a pup on the back
  • 3 black Sloggi panties
  • 2 Finnwear leggins, one red, one black, with Betty Boop prints
  • 4 rechargable AA batteries (for my mouse, etc)
  • red satin neglige and a dressing gown

New Years also went fine, me and my SO went to Jyväskylä to see our (his) friends, one of them had a housewarming party. Firecrackers, drinks, peanuts, snacks. We gave him a gift basket with small rye breads, pink rose salt and organic black pepper and a Star Wreck mug.

So there :-)

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