Internship and Open Source

I got the internship that I already told you about. Some of you might have gotten some hints from me via IRC before, but this is now official so I dare to put in on the blog as well. Feb 1st is my first day at COSS Finland. I can’t wait for it to start.

After some consideration I’ve decided to quit the cleaning job. I’ve got plenty of stuff to do and the salary for the COSS internship was negotiated as such that I can quit the cleaning job. As you can imagine, minimum wage job with only 3 hours every week day isn’t such a great paying thing, so my salary at COSS isn’t going to be earthquaking. But it’ll be sufficient, and I’m confident of getting a better paying job after the internship that I probably will not need to resort back to L&T cleaning jobs.

I’m tired and relieved.


COSS Finland

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