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Hell froze over etc.

chronological list follows: topyli did a new deb-package for gnome-phone-manager that actually works like a charm in Dapper. Not only can I finally send SMS’s with it(!), it now actually does show an pop-up-window when I receive messages and even … Continue reading

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Isn’t life just great?

Hugs to you all. It yet again seems that I’ve been a good girl, since it seems that everything starts to turn out good today. Just like before, I’m not telling you folks anything before names are next to the … Continue reading

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Just for fun

Woke up at 0600 and tried for a while to get some more sleep. After a while I realized no such luck will come and got up. Took the lappy to the living room, plugged it in. OS on, login, … Continue reading

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Bookkeeping for fun?

I must be slowly losing my mind. I’m doing the bookkeeping and financial stuff for Kestis and yesterday I did my first batch of bookkeeping with lots of data. It actually feels quite fun thing to do :-) I searched … Continue reading

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Something new, something old…

Sorry for the fake updates. I finally did what I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time: Did a user interface for blogging. But back to the topic. I read a book last week. You’ve probably heard about it, … Continue reading

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Humanity to others

To continue from yesterdays entry, The Reason why I love Ubuntu so much is the community behind it. I don’t know who’s idea the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (CoC) has been at the first place, but I’d like to thank … Continue reading

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If I had a business card, the title would most probably be community liaison or something similar. Silly that me, the one who’s almost all her life been sort of social dropout, seem to be the one to wake the … Continue reading

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What a hoot! Went to HP Linux forum today. You sort of expect corruption gifts in these kinds of events. In February I got the Novell Tux at Tieturi (Finnish IT-coaching/education/courses company) event sponsored by ie. Novell. But this sort … Continue reading

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Tired as hell

Summer Code Finland participants have been chosen. Lucky for me, at least four of them use IRC. Their projects seem really intresting, so I’m happy. I’ve been tossing the idea of COSS participating in Assembly’06 this year. I wish the … Continue reading

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