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Winter has finally arrived to Tampere, and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Yesterday I went for a long walk, listening to radio and talking to my mom on the phone. The sun and the snow were overwhelming.

Since new years my job contract has been confirmed to continue for another year, but as part-time. I asked it for myself, because I’d really need to get my studies finished at TAMK. I haven’t written my final papers for a long time, I’ve not attended any classes and I feel strange.

As I’m going to (yet haven’t) stay at home to write and go to school to study for about two days a week, I thought I could really use company phone and company paying its bills. So I requested a phone and got what I wanted, a Nokia 6233. So far I’ve managed to get it to relay GPRS to my laptop via Bluetooth and get the information from it with Wammu.

What I’ve also done is upload some music to it (from Wikipedia Commons and Jamendo and others) and put some nice backgrounds too (also from Wikipedia Commons). Not to mention my ongoing fixation about trying to keep my phones from scratching:

[singlepic=54] [singlepic=56]

I held a one day course on Linux basics this week and the feedback was encouraging. I have to confess that my old flame of teaching instead of being a resident geek feels currently very good.


Technology Centre Hermia
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Nokia 6233
Bluetooth Dialup in Ubuntu
Wikimedia Commons: Raspberries
Wikimedia Commons: Citrus Fruits
Philippe Mangold – Voyage dans l’éther
Popof – pomponette
Kevin MacLeod

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