Podcasts to Nokia 6233

I got a new phone, as stated earlier, and I got a new memorycard for it. Now I can download huge amounts of podcasts and listen to them with my phone. replace ff:ee:dd:cc:bb:aa with your phone’s mac address, Memorycard as the directory of your choice to store your podcasts and and configure gammu properly.

day=`date '+%Y-%m-%d'`
for dir in $HOME/podcasts
echo "doing directory: ${dir}"
cd podcasts
for file in $( ls *.mp3 ); do
obexftp -b ff:ee:dd:cc:bb:aa -c Memorycard -C Podcasts -C ${day} -p ${file}
mv ${file} ${file}.bak
sleep 5
gammu --nokiaaddplaylists
sleep 5
gammu --deletefiles d:/predefgallery/predefplaylist/predefringtones1.m3u
sleep 5
gammu --deletefiles d:/predefgallery/predefplaylist/predeftones.m3u
sleep 5
gammu --deletefiles d:/predefgallery/predefplaylist/predefmusic.m3u
sleep 5
gammu --deletefiles d:/predefgallery/predefplaylist/predefalerttones.m3u
sleep 5
gammu --deletefiles d:/predefgallery/predefplaylist/predefringtones.m3u
cd ..
exit 0
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