6233 and software update

I’ve had my phone since late January and I quite early on found a few bugs. The biggest showstopper was a bug in bluetooth stack (I presume), that caused the phone to spontaneously shut down after certain amount of data transfer over obex. It made me to do certain adjustments to my script handling my podcasts to minimize the annoyment, but didn’t overcome them.

Last week, after my boss (who bought a phone like mine after his 9300i started playing tricks on him) complained about his phone going haywires with ringtones, I had my phone firmware updated in spe of having the bluetooth bug fixed. The first thing I noticed was that I cannot anymore pick certain applications to be in the shortcut bar in Active standby. It’s a major annoyment and I don’t like it at all. I used to have a shortcut to BusWatch, but not anymore. But… I tested the obexftp today and it’s fixed so I’m not as unhappy as I was last week.

Happy mother’s day!

My mom
My mom

White Anemones
White anemones

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