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Company trip to Riga + midsummers = weight gain. grrrrr. Atleast our ISP managed to get the Internet connection working again.

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Week 24 exercisewise

I’ve been cycling a lot these days. I’m even getting a healthy tan to my arms, wouldn’t you believe? I listen to Librivox books while cycling, old time favorites of Anne of Green Gables and such. Weight is definitely on … Continue reading

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WHAAA?! Toric contact lenses?

Nobody has ever told me that there is such a thing as toric contact lenses?! Me wanna! Netlens

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Weight loss is unevitable

“I’ve lost 2.3kg’s in 16 days (the graph shows 25 days)” I’ve been exercising a lot. Since I pinched the bike mount from our old HRM and put it on to my bike, I’ve been enjoying the bikerides a lot. … Continue reading

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GGGreat music

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

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Week 22

On Monday we went for a morning swim. It was quite exciting to see how the ceramic tile seams are done professionally, with a pneumatic piping tube. A childhood friend of my SO’s came to stay at our place to … Continue reading

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