Week 22

On Monday we went for a morning swim. It was quite exciting to see how the ceramic tile seams are done professionally, with a pneumatic piping tube. A childhood friend of my SO’s came to stay at our place to attend for a entrance examination that lasted for several days. He is vegetarian so I immediately started thinking about veggie foods I’ve wanted to cook for ages.

On Tuesday I made the most wonderful casserole with green lentils and celery. I’ll post the recipe later.

On Wednesday we attended a free concert at the Old library park. It lasted only for an hour, but I got two balloons and bunny ears. After we went to play Trivial Pursuit in Kustaa III and our clothes smelled like tobacco afterwards. I won, btw.

On Thursday I went to Helsinki to attend the HP Linux Forum. I didn’t go see any of the presentations but stayed at our booth to continue my work on my final paper. I got some stickers, those almond cookies again, and a most excellent laptop mouse. Jukka had left for home. I hope he’ll get to attend the school he is applying for.

Friday was quite uneventful, so was Saturday.

On Sunday I started the day with a walk and a phone call from mom, we went to Verkkokauppa.com at Pirkkala to exchange the third pair of pink Skullcandy Earbuds to Koss Plugs, and then I went cycling to Lielahti and back. In case anyone is intrested, the aroma of cotton candy does carry over the Mustalahti bay.

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