Thank you for the music

I’ve found the joy of music again. I’ve bought several audio cd’s lately, three to be exact. Two Finnish, Liekki‘s Kalliot leikkaa and Rajaton‘s Maa, and one classic folk-rock albums, Joni Mitchell’s Blue. The joy of listening to good music is astounding.

I’ve got a great mp3-player these days. Since I left my previous job, I needed a new phone because I had to give the one I used back. I did some research and considered Nokia’s E51 to be about perfect choice. Unfortunately I needed the phone immediately and E51 isn’t yet on stores, so after some more research I ended up with picking N95. And it has been love at first sight, since it has an excellent camera, wonderful 3G, great UI and loverly apps.

There’s been some minor things I’m not that happy with. I’ve been unable to install OggPlay for it. The placement of the handsfree-audio/video-out is very unfortunate. And as all reviews have said, the battery life isn’t exactly good. But aside those, I love it.

I’ve been filling up the memory card I bought with not only the cd’s I’ve bought, but also with music ripped from cd’s borrowed from the local library. I’ve been listening to Sound of Music, West Side Story, Notting Hill, Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve, but also Poets of the Fall. Their both albums are excellent.

Since the release of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon the installation of multimedia codecs has been really easy with ubuntu-restricted-extras -package. Now the usage of Soundjuicer to rip mp3’s is really simple and doesn’t seem to require any effort, or then my old configs have magically started to work.

I also have just recently found out about a online radio client for Nokia’s Internet Tablets called Vagalume. It’s been a great joy and pleasure to have my favorite music with my 770, since not all of my collection fits into the 2GB micro-SD in my phone.

I had to, of course, knit my babies their matching pouches.
Pouches for N95 and Internet Tablet 770

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