VMware fangirl

For about two weeks now, I’ve been using a lot of VMware. I’ve been missing my HRM data transfer software, the bookkeeping software for Kestis and a few games (CIV3) I used to play a lot when I was a Windows user. I downloaded both VMware player and workstation and I have to confess, I’ve not been so impressed by proprietary software for ages.

I’m not that big a fan of Windows, but having it handy inside my favourite OS/distro combination makes things so much easier. The most unexpected thing was, when I decided to try out how VMware, Windows and Nokia’s PC Suite collaborate with my phone. The usual things I did know would work, so having my phone work as a modem straight from Windows shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it did! Luckily I had earlier installed ZoneAlarm and Avast to protect my precious Windows ;-)

Having VMware around also gave me an opportunity to try out Novell SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 10. Having been a long time Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu user I felt oddly disappointed by the way how SLE[S|D|SDK] installation and software managment are done. It’s been disheartening to download installation dvd’s and cd’s just to get everything done! Some of the logic around SLES keeps evading me, and it is somewhat disturbing…

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