Kesäkoodi 2008

The third year of Kesäkoodi (Summercode Finland) is going fast and furiously ahead. After a hectic season of receiving applications, processing them, giving feedback and suggestions, answering to applicants questions and asking them a whole lot more, the easiest part for at least me starts in June with five excellent coders with whom I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to discuss and with some to already work with their project with.


I’ve been a project manager/secretary/dominatrix for all the two previous years and it never stops to excite my curiosity, always finding new software and helping promising coders with their path to the Brighter side :-)

woo, Beamer
As for myself, in addition of watching over the younglings during the summer, I’m still employed by Nomovok and via them to COSS :-) Kesäkoodi will take about one day each week, the rest of the time will be spent with the most exciting projects. Currently I’m fiddling with LaTeX and I’ve fallen in love with it. The elegance of the structural document formatting is astounding each and every time. :-)

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