Heippa maailma!

“Hi, my name is Miia and I’m an Ubuntuholic.”

Hi, I’m Miia Ranta, one of the recent additions to Ubuntu members but also to Planet Ubuntu. I’ve been using Ubuntu since February 2005, Linux few times before that. I can be spotted at some of Ubuntu related channels in freenode as Myrtti. I’m Finnish geekette, living in Tampere, Finland together with two guinea pigs.

It’s quite surreal to be making my first ever entry to Planet Ubuntu. I wrote about Ubuntu and the spirit of it on my blog oh, so many years ago (was it 2005?). Then, I was still studying in Tampere, doing office cleaning every evening after school, coding my own flat-file based blogging system with PHP, and fiddling with this new thing called Ubuntu. I had used Ubuntu for about 8 months by then. Using Linux and open source fit my mentality and my view on life in general. Since then I was employed by COSS, the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions, to help them with Linux and Open source in their own infrastructure, to overview the Finnish Summercode. I’ve met wonderful people, learnt new things, gotten new responsibilities and now working from home for a FLOSS company called Nomovok. Now I get paid for doing what I loved few years ago, but has the basics changed?


Also sprach Myrtti 2005-11-15:
Q:So how does this compute to you being a person promoting open and free source where ever possible?
A:Because I feel that when I help somebody, I get something eventually in return. Because I feel that there is very few types of information that need to be private and classified. Because I think information is the key to every problem. Because I think that *we together* are stronger than *we individually*. Because I think that you don’t have a right to complain about something that sucks unless you’re ready to do something about it. Because I think that if something is wrong and the effort of trying to improve it isn’t uncomprehencively huge, you should. Because I think it’s a sin if you know something and someone would use the information, and you don’t tell it to anyone.

Because I think I love you.

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One Response to Heippa maailma!

  1. nasrullah says:

    you are great being a lover of Ubuntu ,I am an Ubuntu user since 2005……Ubuntu is freedom for the masses…..