Dear Lazyweb: irssi, OTR, bitlbee

Dear Lazyweb:

As an irssi fangirl, I constantly search for solutions to enhance my IRC experience. One of them is logging which I adore. I log all my private conversations (for I’ve lost relevant email addresses, snailmail addresses, phone numbers, promises, threats and beautiful poems too many times before) for future reference to help my memory.

As I’m also using multiple platforms as my communication device (my Ubuntu desktop, my Xubuntu laptop, my IT2007HE2 Nokia Internet Tablet 770, sometimes my sister’s Windows XP, sometimes an odd Windows / whatever), and multiple protocols, I’ve used Pidgin for IM and irssi for IRC. This is quite problematic, since that by default results in

  • my logs being on multiple computers
  • different settings for each client I use
  • inconsistency in my behavioural models

For the problems mentioned above, I’ve used bitlbee IM2IRC gateway before, and few weeks ago compiled a special version for my homeserver to allow Jabber to connect using other ports than allowed by default. This has solved most of my problems.

One still remains though, and this is the part where I yell for help – how can I use OTR with my setup? I’ve tried to look into the forums and apparently there is some steps already taken in the issue, for what I see Debian might be/is packaging a plugin for irssi-otr in the future. However, my home server is Ubuntu Hardy, and I want the OTR *right now*. EEEEEP. What to do?

on related note, I use terminator straight from bzr, and I lovez it.
PS. Hyvää Juhannusta!

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4 Responses to Dear Lazyweb: irssi, OTR, bitlbee

  1. Wilmer says:

    FWIW ulim released irssi-otr 0.1 two days ago, so it can’t take that long anymore. :-)

    Which alternate port# do you need to connect to BTW?

  2. myrtti says:

    I needed to add the port 443 (the one now added to bitlbee) to the ones allowed to rid myself from the Pidgin purgatory :-)

  3. Lynoure says:

    I guess this is not what you want, because it’s not free-as-beer, but funding the packager to focus on it full-time could speed things up significantly.

    Or just focusing on it full time yourself. Should not take more than a day or so, unless things are wonky.

    You go girl, you can do it!

  4. David Spreen says:


    irssi-plugin-otr is both in Debian sid and lenny as well as in
    Ubuntu intrepid and hardy-backports now. I hope you enjoy it.