LUGradio Live UK 2008

I hate traveling a lot. Still, there are few things I’m ready to sacrifice my mental health to by traveling, and one of them is excellent Open Solutions related confrences, shows and … things. One of the latter is organized in Wolverhampton UK this weekend, and I’m attending the last ever LUGradio Live.

Somehow the feeling is still a bit blue. Already when I had booked the tickets and made reservations for the hotel, I read from Jono’s blog that the last ever episode of LUGradio will be recorded there. I’m not too fond of podcasts – especially English and spoken ones, as they usually demand too much concentration. But LUGradio has been one that I’ve off and on listened to as long as I’ve been listening to podcasts.

Plenty of friends are coming too and I can’t wait…

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