LRL 2008 UK musings

As said on the previous post, I attended LUGradio Live last weekend. I’m still very, very, VERY tired, flying isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience ever, and this time the return flights were delayed because of bad weather conditions in Amsterdam.

Anyway, I left home on Friday around 0100 in the morning. The first flight to Amsterdam left at 0615 local time and I was in Wolverhampton about 13 hours from leaving home. I’ve never been to England if you don’t count the two times at Stanstead Airport on my way to and from GUADEC’06 in Spain, so it was really fun to take a train to Wolverhampton from Birmingham International – seeing some scenery on the way with English houses, canals and red brick buildings! (Yes, one has to take the most of everything!) I was lucky enough to have someone guide me around the whole weekend, and I guess Mez really thought I was insane oohing and aahing about the scenery – yes, it can amaze someone who has seen double decker buses and attached house rows and canals and such since age 3 watching Postman Pat on telly but never actually seeing them!

Ompaul Mez Something to spice up vanilla ice cream
Anyway, after checking into Hotel Britannia it was time to head out for the preconference drinks. Finally a chance to meet so many people I’ve not met before! It was also time to dispense some of the “Greetings from Finland” gifts I had brought with me, so for example ompaul got one of the cloudberry liqueur bottles to spice up ice cream with. The time flied and I remember giving out my business cards, crocheting and walking back to the hotel…

To wake up to ompaul’s SMS “Goin 4 breakfast” with a mild headache wasn’t fun. Then again, him telling a joke that he doesn’t use emacs because he doesn’t lisp was excellent :-P <emacsfangirl />

To wrap up both days talks with a few words:

  • I loved emmajane’s talk. All of the stuff in her speech was exactly as I think too.
  • OpenKnowledge is a thing that should be encouraged more – I should know, having been Wikipedia activist for years
  • Now I understand why Wubi might be such a problem – we really need a better way to clear out the dirty flag from ntfs with Linux
  • History of Samba is somewhat amusing
  • I guess I *should* go to Assembly this year
  • Respect to mjg59, AGAIN
  • When shall I have time and energy to start cycling again and to log the routes to OpenStreetMap?
  • Oooh, ooh, I’m on the top ten contributors of Terminator!

Orly LUGradio, live!
Meeting the people behind the voices of LUGradio was cool. Chinny Raccoon was kyuuuut. Crocheted a lot since had no wifi. Bought stuff from O’Reilly desk again (Learning Python and Craft: Fashioning Technology), drank way too much coffee to stay awake, enjoyed the little karaoke I listened to before heading to sleep, and am considering ordering Linux Magazine again.

not related to the conference itself:

  • Black pudding at hotel breakfast table tasted more like blood pancakes than mustamakkara
  • Had my first curry and first fish and chips
  • Will not drink Strongbow for a while, it got boring after a while
  • OMG things is so cheap in UK! example01 vs. comparison01, example02 vs. comparison02
  • OMG the variety of food in restaurants and shops! Vegetarian and organic choices everywhere!

hmhm. I want to move to England. I’ve fallen in love with something there :-) Looooove

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4 Responses to LRL 2008 UK musings

  1. Gordonjcp says:

    No, you want to move to *Scotland*! The food is better, the beer is better and the scenery is better (not so many little rows of red brick houses though – best place I’ve seen for that is York).

  2. myrtti says:

    @ gordonjcp
    beer matters not – I don’t drink beer usually, food matters not – it’s still different from Finnish, scenery outdoors might be better – I give you that (if don’t count kilts). Still; Airports to Finland are closer, trips to London are cheaper (I’d presume) and and… well. ;-)

  3. Ciarán says:

    “Black pudding at hotel breakfast table tasted more like blood pancakes than mustamakkara”

    Thats because they pretty much are blood pancakes! Hmmmmmmm

  4. Hotel says:

    Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.