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Yes, I’m way too tired and I should be fast asleep – tomorrowtoday I’m planning to go to Assembly for the weekend. I’ve already wasted horrible amounts of time this week tweaking computers (installed Ubuntu on my nieces brand new HP 530 laptop with Wubi, used Live Clamav to clean out some viruses from a Windows 2000) on my only vacation week this year, and I’m going to plop the cherry on top by attending a geek fest. yay for me and my ingeniuity.

I also showed my sister some fineries of using Facebook, like how to navigate (“ooh I didn’t know you can return to that start page by clicking the logo!”) and to change status and add a profile picture. She wanted to add “those cool buttons you’ve got” and the way she is accepting every damned app her friends invite her to, she’s going to have lots of them soon. I’ve removed lots of my own apps recently and have also started to block out the most obnoxious ones. The ones that are left are those I’ve deemed atleast semi-usable…

One of those I’ve got left is MyType – an application to show your Myers-Briggs type indicator. Plenty of people think this is great big brouhaha, but for some odd reason I think MBTI can truthfully give a quick view to a persons personality. A quick survey among few my closest friends in FLOSS field has revealed a surprising fact – though my own personality type, INFJ is supposedly rarest among the general population – it seems that plenty of my friends are actually INFJ personalities, people with Introverted, Intuition-based, Feeling and Judging personality.

And why not:

“INFJs tend to be devoted to what they believe in and seek work where their needs, values, and ideals can be deeply engaged. They move on the wave of their inspirations and are determined to see that their values are worked out in their lives. They will work toward their goals individually and, when needed, will put together a team of other highly dedicated people like themselves.”
Sandra Krebs Hirsch and Jean Kummerow

I’m not a big fan of pulling great assumptions based on such a tests, no matter how scientific they might seem, but I remember doing this test about 10 years ago in school as some professional considered it a valid tool for assessing what kind of future careers might fit our personality. I’ve done the test several times since and the results never change, and I actually think INFJ reflects my personality quite well. In the light of that I think I’ve picked the perfect career and the perfect intrests; this might be the reason I’m so strongly devoted to FLOS solutions.

Go ahead, test yourself.

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3 Responses to Open source personality

  1. jldugger says:

    Ooh, lucky. SABDFL once went to a demo party and gave a talk. It’s actually a bit embarassing, asking these people to write them an awesome bootloader. I’m a bit glad noone seems to have taken him up on the offer: have you ever seen how long Farbrausch demos take to start up? =)

    More seriously, it’s close to asking people to design art for toilet paper. Ideally, it’s not something people should even see, let alone find beautiful. And we don’t exactly have a good design to begin with. usplash is kind of a “get it done now” technology and asking the demoscene to fix it won’t improve things. They’re smart guys, but work under the same principles and tight deadlines.

  2. Andy says:

    I just won an ENTJ, (though the E and the J were only “1% strength”, so I’m not sure if they count). I don’t think I’ve ever done a Myers-Briggs twice and got the same answer though.

  3. Mats Rauhala says:

    Concerning the live clamav, check this: