From the “I feel like a Great Ancient One” department

2 dl coconut milk
¼ dl sugarbeet flakes
¼ dl flaxseed
2 dl water
2 eggs
flour to reach desired consistency (~2 dl)

butter for frying

jam, jelly, marmelade, syrup, sugar, sweetening OR savory filling of choice (mine: strawberry-rhubarb jam)

a pink candle

Wake up to a headache after three hours of sleep. Prepare a pot of espresso with a pink moka pot, burn your lip while drinking it and taking first handful of medication. Allow sugarbeet flakes and flaxseed steep in coconut milk-water mixture for minimum 15 mins. Waste an hour IRCing, working and watching youtube, since you’ve in your senility and headache forgotten you were cooking breakfast. Add eggs, whip in flour. Let steep more. Go to the liquer store to buy pink sparkling wine. Fry. Fill with filling of choice. Poke the candle on the pancakes, light with a match.

Happy Birthday... me.
Served with handful of painkillers and espresso, the-cure-for-all. Music of choice: Beatles – When I’m Twenty-Eight. Grunt, if you don’t know the lyrics.

Instead of floral condolences/commiserations, please donate a blank CD-R disk to your local LUG or Ubuntu LoCo for burning an Ubuntu Installation Disc to those in need, or donate to OLPC.

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  1. emmajane says:

    Hippo Birdie Two Ewe
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewe
    Hippo Birdie Deer Ewe