If I really knew how to code…

  • I’d fix gnabblet.sis (an application used on Symbian60 phones to patch their lack of support for FBUS) to work on Symbian60v3
  • I’d add GNU/Gettext support to gwibber and fix the Facebook bug
  • I’d code a decent IRC client for Symbian60v3 phones (or others with J2ME) that could do multiple networks, hilights, aliasing, mute, tabcomplete
  • I’d add Adblock Plus support to Epiphany
  • I’d help with Epiphany/Webkit
  • I’d make midori less buggy and crashy
  • I’d contribute more to Terminator
  • I’d try to fix Epilicious addons Delicious functionality on Epiphany
  • I’d try to create a Fuzzy Clock screenlet
  • I’d help with irssi-otr
  • I’d modify apport to allow editing of the data before uploading them to launchpad
  • I’d code an application similar to FairIsle.jar for designing knitting patterns that would save the knitting patterns in KnitML, be GPL’d and done in Python with GTK/Qt frontends

/me picks up her copy of “Learning Python” by Mark Lutz and starts on page 1…

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12 Responses to If I really knew how to code…

  1. Magnus says:

    Other good books are Dive Into Python (http://diveintopython.org/) or How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (http://openbookproject.net/thinkCSpy/index.xhtml).

    I’m looking forward to receiving your patches to Epilicious ;-)

  2. Linnea says:

    You are so nice!

    I would vote the last one. I tried to help them but couldn’t find way. They have forum here http://www.ravelry.com/groups/knitml (Account needed)

  3. Laurens says:

    There is the package epiphany-extensions, (http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/epiphany-extensions) which provides adblocking. Works great for me!

  4. myrtti says:

    @Laurens: sure there is adblock, but *not* Adblock Plus. Just surf to http://irc-galleria.net with Epiphany and see why I’d like to see Adblock Plus on Epiphany as well.

  5. Xan says:

    There’s many things a non-coder or a hacker in training can do to help projects. If you are interested in helping Epiphany/WebKit come by #epiphany on GimpNet or send an email to the list, we’ll think of somethinng for you ;)

  6. Jonathan Doyle says:

    I’d add Adblock Plus support to Epiphany

    Word. I refuse to use Epiphany unless it gets ABP/NoScript/Tab Mix Plus support.

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  8. A bit ambitious? Admittedly, python is very easy to learn. And PyGTK makes it easy to create GTK apps. I found the easiest way to learn way using the official tutorial: http://docs.python.org/tut/ (also available in many other formats). Worked for me. Pity all those apps are probably written in different languages though…

    Good Luck,

  9. The most important thing in programming (or learning to program) is to have fun.

    The second most important thing is to set your goals in small, bite-sized pieces. Things you’re reasonably sure you can achieve in a couple of hours. If you achieve them, you get the sense of satisfaction that makes programming fun. If not, you can pick some other small task. Every big task can be split into several smaller ones.

    One thing to remember is that in programming everything is more difficult than you initially thought. Heck, I’ve been programming for over fifteen years, and I still continually underestimate the difficulty of programming tasks.

    Python is a great language. It lets you express your thoughts without having to fight the syntax or getting bogged in the details. It will not directly help with most of your goals (those projects that are written in C or Java), but the main concepts of those languages are pretty similar, and the more languages you learn, the easier is to learn new ones.

  10. There’s no sense in adding Gettext support to gwibber until the rest of the code gets cleaned up and better organized.

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  12. Ian says:

    Well, I don’t know about other things on your list but FuzzyClock screenlet is now available: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=90714 :D