I love (easter) eggs!

I just found out that my shell provider has been kind enough to compileinstall screen, geeks best friend, compiled with the flag NETHACK(ref)!


{"No other window.",
"You cannot escape from window %d!"},

{"Detach aborted.",
"The blast of disintegration whizzes by you!"},

{"First mark set - Column %d Line %d",
"You drop a magic marker - Column %d Line %d"},

{"New screen...",
"Be careful! New screen tonight."},

{"Creating logfile \"%s\".",
"You start writing on your scroll of logging named \"%s\"."},

{"getpwuid() can't identify your account!",
"An alarm sounds through the dungeon...\nThe Keystone Kops are after you!"},

{"There are screens on:",
"Your inventory:"},

note: enabling/disabling by typing ctrl-a nethack on/off in your screen session.

/me resists the urge to install nethack-gnome…
(Thank you, Renter!)

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