Forest friends

a “recent” meme via Maco:
I’ve had three major naming schemes with my ICT appliance/hardware. First one started on 2003, with my first computer resurrected as a home server. It was named as pingu, for its penguin soul and also for its Swiss namesake animation series. Later, as I moved to using Linux on my personal desktop (and later laptop), my computers got names like nanook (I remember doing a GNOME splashscreen out of that Wikimedia Commons picture), auviq, perhaps even orca. Related to those came Finnish words for snow, lumi, kinos, nuoska, loska.

Later I got employed by COSS for my first “Real Job”. By that time I had developed a caffeine addiction and had to compensate the horrible tar side product also referred as “coffee” at the office. So started a new naming scheme for computers at work. Came mocha, cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, latte, lumumba, kahlua.

Currently I work for Nomovok and my whole ICT hardware has gone through a total overhaul. I urgently needed some kind of a scheme to name my loved tools. So now, I’m living in the era of <drumroll /> Winnie the Pooh scheme:
Kengu – homeserver – Kanga
Tikru – desktop – Tigger

Kani – laptop – Rabbit
Puh – Nokia 6021 – Pooh
Nasu – Nokia N95 – Piglet
Ruu – Nokia IT 770 – Roo

Ihaaexternal 320GB hard drive – Eeyore
Möhköfantti – Samsung SCX-4200 – Heffalump

And they all live in…
PuolenHehtaarinMetsä – WPA2 ESSID – HalfAcreWoods

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2 Responses to Forest friends

  1. Etienne Goyer says:

    You are winning the award for the best naming scheme discussed on Planet Ubuntu so far! Very cool, the names are short (except Möhköfantti, eww) and original, and they actually sound great when pronounced in English.

    The naming scheme for my own three computers (yes, I currently own only three) is sigil, curst and plague-mort. If I ever have to name more computer, they could be called ribcage, glorium, hopeless or torch. If you know the dark of my naming scheme, you are one sharp cutter, berk!

    • myrtti says:

      Hehe, thank you :-D

      Möhköfantti does deserve it’s ugly name – currently it sits on my desk in unusable state as I’ve not managed to snip time to configure cupsd and saned to use proprietary evil drivers and share the services to the whole network.