Nerdier Into The Groove?

this is definitely going into the OMGLOL -category of things!

So many years ago I used to play typera, a game in which you had to type words scrolling on your terminal screen as fast as you could. I’ve also been a fan of dancing games, not that I’ve been any good in them. And yes, then there was the Typing of the Dead. Anyone remember that?

The fun about dancing games is partly about those japanese songs. Well, here’s the killer game for those of us who need to keep their typing skills to the max and want to do it in a fun way:

I’ve already played this for a while and gosh it’s addictive!

Thanks to mehue for the link!

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2 Responses to Nerdier Into The Groove?

  1. Ian Stoffberg says:

    Not sure if this was your intention, but the competitive beast in me has to say…


    On my first go at first song (EF??)

    Also. Thanks for the link!

    Regards from Cape Town

  2. DivineOmega says:

    This is brilliant, fantastic and amazing all in one Flash. It turns out however, that is incredibly addictive. I’ve just lost at least 30 minutes of my life, and I can see myself loosing quite a bit more before I head to sleep.