HOWTO: Symbian60v3 (Nokia N95), SIP and

Finally VoIP craze hit me. I’ve had Skype account for ages, account for about a year, and a Nokia N95 for about a year also. I knew it is possible to configure my phone into using SIP, but never really bothered. I’ve been fighting with my laptop for a while now, and while I do manage to get the webcam to work, the microphone is somewhat flaky. Fortunately I do have my desktop computer, on which Everything Just Works. But since I really can’t be bothered to sit by my desktop computer all the time, I decided to finally configure my account on my phone.

And in the end, the process was very painfree. With some google-fu the settings were found – all I needed was to ask a friend how the network connection should be handled as mine didn’t seem to work because of the NAT in my home network. And the answer to that problem was obvious – use 3G instead. The sound quality is astoundingly good with even the lowest bandwidth provided by my mobile phone service provider, Saunalahti.

Anyway – here are the settings and the steps documented in a nice neatly fashion:
ToolsSettingsConnectionsSIP settingsAccount settingsAccount settings, 2Registrar serverRegistrar server, 2

  1. navigate to: System/Tools –> Settings –> Connection –> SIP Settings
  2. Create a new profile:
    • Name it as, for example,
    • Service-Profile: IETF
      Public Username: sip:$
      Compression: no
      Proxy: none
    • Registrar:
      Username: $YOURUSERNAME
      Password: $YOURPASSWORD
      Transport: UDP
      Port: 5060
  3. stop and think how do you want to be contacted:
    • about all the time – Registration: Always on; only when you call or want to be contactable on your phone – Registration: When needed.
    • On the move – Default access point: Your (hopefully cheap / monthly subscribed / unlimited) data transfer plan access point*; Mostly at a known wifi hotspot – Default access point: Your wifi hotspot.**

Here be the disclaimers:
* I tried with my own 3G connection provided by Saunalahti – 384kbit/s (lowest speed there is), and the sound quality was sufficient.
** for me my home network is configured in a way with NAT that using wifi doesn’t work. It would require fiddling with some ports, if you have access to your router and know what you’re doing, this page might give you some hints what to do – it also may not. I’ve not tried.

I tried these settings with calling to the echo service (that’s for those of you who didn’t already know) and ended up giggling at my own voice like a maniac – and then tried it twice more just for the giggles. As a friend hadn’t tried his settings (the same as mine) on his E51, I called him to get confirmation on the sound quality, which was amazingly good.

These settings were found from here, if you’re wondering what theme I’ve got on my phone, it’s found from here, and the programs that are in the first screenshot as quick launchers are BusWatch, Enhanced Calculator for s60, alarm clock, synchronisation and mirggi, s60 IRC client I use to connect to my irssi-proxy handling my connections to IRCnet, freenode and my bitlbee, which in turn handles my connections to MSN, ICQ, and GoogleTalk- XMPP connections.

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24 Responses to HOWTO: Symbian60v3 (Nokia N95), SIP and

  1. D. Rimron says:

    Interesting that it works okay over the NAT on 3G.

    That is, over here every 3G punter gets a 10.* address, normally, so you’re behind NAT anyway. Does .fi not work like that, do you all get live IPs on your phones?


  2. magicfab says:

    Nice HowTo. I added a link to it from . If you use Ubuntu with your Nokia N95 I invite you to share other tips & tricks there. Thank you!

  3. Petan Nebul says:

    You can also use fring to get other IM, like twittler, skype, sip, Yahoo! and other protocols…


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  5. Stephen says:

    I tried this on my Nokia E63, I created an ekiga account,but I cannot seem to complete the registration, every time it says Registration Fails, thoughts?

    • myrtti says:

      It might be that there’s a NAT, firewall or something blocking the way in between the phone and the register server. I can’t use it in my home wlan behind NAT at all, only on 3G dialup (because I get a proper IP address then).

      • Stephen says:

        That did it…thank you! I am just testing out different SIP. I have Gizmo but their support is lacking, do you use ekiga with any SIP service?

        • myrtti says:

          I do use Ekiga on my computer as it’s the only Linux client I’ve tried that gets through my NAT properly. I don’t have an account in Gizmo.

  6. Toni Nelson says:

    Cool Info, practical.. lol,

  7. gogo says:

    I tried setting up my ekiga account on my E63. As mentioned above, I couldn’t get it working on my home WLAN, with same registration error. Could get past that by using my GPRS account. Ekiga softphone works perfectly on the same home WLAN. Any suggestions on how to get it working on home lan? Again, have anyone tried setting up an ekiga account on the SIP addon on fring? Getting it working through fring would have been cool.

    • myrtti says:

      the problem is upstream – ie. checks during registration that both the Via and Contact headers contain a public IP address. (ref: so the problem isn’t with your mobile phone, it’s with The VOIP/SIP works with almost any other voip providers, such as sipgate.

      • gogo says:

        Yes, realise it is a problem at the ekiga end. possibly could be solved by using a proxy? Another thing, even though I managed to get the registration complete with GPRS, I couldn’t make a call (was trying It said no internet telephone service available. I have a default internet tel. setup with my ekiga sip config. enabled. (under system->settings->connection->internet tel. Perhaps will try again sometime later.

  8. Pablo Alonso says:

    Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem here in Argentina with an sip ekiga account. I have a nokia n85 and this tutorial rocks! but I can only use the voip service when connected thru 3G (too expensive) service ….

    WLAN won’t work… no mather what I try… even I configure DMZ to forward all ports to my phone IP but it doesn’t work either.

    any clue how to solve this?.. softphone in linux works great even without forwarding ports, i don’t know how is this possible … is disgusting! hahahaha

    please if someone find a solution contact me

  9. Pablo Alonso says:

    maybe there is a way of change some advance settings in Net Settings -> Advanced VOIP settings ????
    there are a huge amount of options there that I don’t understand…..

    thanks again….

  10. Patrick says:

    Worked perfectly for me on my Nokia E63, even using my WLAN + NAT. I do have UPnP enabled on my router, but not sure if that makes a difference.

  11. SANDESH says:

    I am having some issues configuring ekiga on my E71. It is not registering. Can you please provide some assistance ?

  12. SANDESH says:

    Does Ekiga work on GPRS connection ? I could register w/ my home wlan and was able to make calls however tried switching the connection to GPRS and it did not register. Is it b;cos its slow connection or could it be that IP address given by GPRS is NAT ed one ?

  13. Marian says:

    I tried to configure Ekiga on my Nokia E71, following your advice and I succeeded in registering the service. Unfortunately, I am unable to send/receive any call. I usewd the same account on a PC VoIP Client (X-Lite) and it worked perfectly, so my NAT router is not the problem.
    I configured other VoIP services on my E71 (CallCentric, VOIPBuster) and they worked perfectly. So, what is different between Ekiga and CallCentric/VoipBuster?
    Thanks for your help

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  15. Israel Wagshal says:

    “what is different between Ekiga and CallCentric/VoipBuster?”
    the difference is this:
    CallCentric/VoipBuster can terminate a call to landline and mobile public telephone networks, while Ekiga is a SIP interoperability network that can be used to call subscribers of other SIP networks, but can not terminate calls to public telephone networks…