“It’s only a year late anyway…”

Once upon a time, many many years ago, I used KDE. This was sometime when Fedora was released, or thereabouts. I wasn’t that much into Linux at that time yet, but I hadn’t yet confessed to myself I was and am a geek to the core. Later when I moved perminantly from Windows to Linux, Ubuntu Warty Warthog had just been released. I wanted to use KDE, but I couldn’t! So I moved to using GNOME, I started loving it and and the pristine clear (but I admit, controversial) and slick UI.

I’ve had my relapses. I’ve installed AlbumArt from sources, and I use statically compiled Skype. I even installed Amarok once, long long time ago, though used it only for an hour and uninstalled. I try very hard to keep my computers Qt free zone. But one app always slithers its way to my computers no matter what. I was introduced to the application by a Summercode Finland project in 2006, but the love doesn’t go away.

Scribus is a desktop publishing application, a tool for professional page layout creation on Linux/Unix, MacOS X, OS/2 and Windows desktops. My fiddling with it has been limited to making badges for different conferences and making flyers for promoting a website here and there, but I love it to the extent I install it even when I don’t really want to install anything done with Qt.

I love Scribus a bit like an auntie loves her nieces and nephews, in a distant, non-intrusive way. I know one of the developers as heritage from summer of 2006, and I’ve once in a while given feature suggestions. I just today checked how one of my ideas from spring is doing and apparently it’s been already put in the svn… which… has the version 1.3.5… which is… only… about a year late from publishing?!

After discussing the matter with Riku (a.k.a. Tsoots @ freenode), he told me that apparently all the current developers are quite busy these days. Everyone is happily employed, life treats them good. Although this is nice, it’s a bit sad that the developement and bug crushing has stalled at a point when there’s only 8% of the future release roadmap issues to be solved!

So… If you feel a little tinge on your halo, feel that you could contribute in squashing these blocker bugs or help in any way, poke Tsoots in freenode or toss him an email to riku at scribus.info. He really wouldn’t mind. Rilly rilly.

What tickles me in the svn version is that little birdies tell me the new version would be more easily made to look like native GTK app! ;-)

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7 Responses to “It’s only a year late anyway…”

  1. Lunarcloud says:

    What’s wrong with kde and having qt apps in gnome?
    I run pidgin and openoffice in Kubuntu. I don’t have a venereal disease, mixing toolkits isn’t sacrilege.

  2. Cypher says:

    Well… If you’re really care about the disk system footprint, you could simply ditch GNOME and use KDE instead… No more GTK+ dependency, and you can install Scribus, Amarok, Skype and so on with no extra package needed.

    If I remember correctly, I read a post recently about the disk space used by KDE4, GNOME and XFCE… KDE4 consumes less disk space than the other two. Can’t remember the link though.

    But I wouldn’t recommand the use of Kubuntu, as it is not the most polished KDE version I’ve seen. Needs more love, that’s for sure.

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  4. erUSUL says:

    My pinion is that qt apps are ok (they only require qt libs) but kde apps are not so ok becouse they need a lot more infrastructure (kdelibs artsd kio-slaves etc…).
    That’s why i allways longered for a qt3b ;)

  5. snuxoll says:

    The issue with running Qt apps in GNOME is they A) don’t follow the HIG and B) they look alien. This isn’t Windows, I expect a clean and consistent interface, no matter how much Qt tries to emulate GTK it still isn’t using native GTK widgets, and it’s still not following the GNOME HIG. This means stuff like my global menu don’t work, and they don’t obey my GNOME toolbar settings. So yes, it is sacralege.