Flash for 64-bit architecture

If you haven’t yet noticed, Adobe released a “pre-release quality” version of their penguin.swf version. That would mean, boys and girls, Flash plugin for 64-bit architecture. Installation might need some workout (I downloaded the installer script of the normal flash and removed the architecture check function), but:
[12:32] < Myrtti> this almost makes me cry
[12:32] < Myrtti> no npviewer.bin trashing my cpu fan

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8 Responses to Flash for 64-bit architecture

  1. BUGabundo says:

    if this gets good enought maybe we can get it into Jaunty and then backport it to Ibex and hardy

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  3. Dread Knight says:

    What do you mean with that IRC quote?

    In intrepid sometimes my pc gets frozen and cooler starts spinning like mad; i am beginning to think it’s because of flash. Any ideas about it?

  4. Kees Cook says:

    Cool, I’ve modified flashplugin-nonfree to handle the new Alpha plugin. I don’t want to upload it to Jaunty until Fabien Tassin has had a chance to look it over: https://launchpad.net/~kees/+archive

    • @Kees Cook, the changes that you made are similar to mine. I chatted with Fabien and Alexander yesterday, and we’re going to discuss how to best approach flashplugin-nonfree for both arches at UDS. There are at least a couple issues on the table, least of which are whether to continue using nspluginwrapper and whether the package really belongs in -partner. Before we flesh them out, it’s best that we hold off uploading to jaunty.

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  7. Flash Designer says:

    I do not know how you, guys, but I can not work with it. Every time it seems to me that my PC is going to die.