Zen of Knitting

One earI’ve been feeling more and more stressed out lately. I have had problems in concentration, odd feelings of anxiety and lots of sleep deprivation. I’ve wanted something to take my mind off the most stressful parts of my life, and have tried to cut down on the background noise that keeps my mind occupied and reserved from more important things. One of those has been drastic cutting down of IRC. I don’t remember when I’ve been without IRC for this long – I check on how things are going on two channels now and then, but don’t stay for more than an hour.

What finally helped me to relieve that stress was knitting. I love to knit. I’ve knitted for over twenty years now. I love to design things to knit, I love to fiddle yarn skeins. I’ve had periods I’ve not knitted for ages. After breaking up with a date of six months in last February, I lost the inspiration for a long time, and regained it only first by force and then by excitement of learning and doing new.

With by force I mean: I needed to do Christmas presents. I decided to knit a shawl. My rule of thumb is though: no new projects before finishing the previous. So I had to knit the Neko hat for Seppo.

Fifi done But the shawl turned out great, and so I’m knitting one for myself, with a different pattern. I’ve even started to use Ravelry, which is a total paradise for searching free patterns and ideas.

And to my surprise, well, not actually, knitting does really reduce my stress levels. People around me get warm things, I get new nice handmade clothes (socks and shawls, who knows what) and I’m not as pissed of as before. Win-Win.

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One Response to Zen of Knitting

  1. Harri K says:

    Nice to see that you are not too late with the presents!

    Hyvää Joulua

    Harri K