25 things

  1. When I was a kid, I cheated my mum that I’d do my evening prayers if she’d subscribe the weekly Donald Duck cartoon magazine for me.
  2. I love to gnaw plastic things, bottle cap seals, zip ties, etc.
  3. I’m not allergic to any foodstuff to my knowledge, but I get migraine from even smelling raw celery and I hate spinach soup.
  4. One of my favourite foods contains celery. I can’t cook it myself.
  5. I hate telephone calls, but when I needed a new phone about a year ago, I bought one of the most expensive ones. I still use it mostly as a camera and an Internet device.
  6. I was a Lion King fan as a teenager. After that I became a Star Wars fan. I collected anything from Star Wars toothpaste to cola bottle labels to LionKing erasers. I sold my Star Wars collection in the Finnish equivalent of eBay few years ago, and my Ex still has my LionKing quilt cover.
  7. Of all the junk in my apartment, I value my books and CD’s the most
  8. I don’t understand digital clocks as well as I do analogue ones. I have to have my wristwatch, kitchen watch and mobile phone clock as analogue ones. I also have two clock widgets on my computer’s desktop. My terminal windows have to be translucent so I can see the clock widgets through them.
  9. My dad taught me to knit at the age of seven or so – but taught me to purl the wrong way. My teacher scolded me when I taught my schoolmates the wrong way. My dad still does it the wrong way.
  10. I hate apples and bananas. I could (and actually have done so) eat 8 clementines or satsumas nonstop.
  11. I’m neurotic about events that I might be late from. I don’t hate traveling as much as I hate the idea of being late from the transport of traveling.
  12. My physiotherapist told me I could have been a great ballet dancer because my joints are hyperextensible. I really wanted to be one when I was 7.
  13. I’ve always called my sister my sister, and once got into a huge fight with my classmates because they insisted that I should call her my half-sister (which technically she is).
  14. I didn’t drink any alcohol until I was old enough to legally do so
  15. My title on my business card is Software Developer. In reality with my current skills in programming, I couldn’t develop more complex systems than HelloWorlds even if the ghost of Grace Hopper bit me.
  16. My fridge always contains apple sauce.
  17. I’m not superstitious but I never open an umbrella indoors.
  18. If I could go back ten years in my life, I’d go to that crafts vocational college instead of trying to become B.Eng in Mediatechnology. I could have become a ceramist.
  19. I’ve been mistaken for a Brummie, a Turku and an Iisalmi dweller and a Valley girl.
  20. I’m pretty emotional person and my emotions usually manifest physically. When I’m angry, I want to break things. So far I’ve broken only two plates in my life by throwing them.
  21. I’ve always wanted a loft bed.
  22. There’s a theory about gateway drugs and how pot can be a gateway drug to stronger ones. I believe there’s a gateway applications that lead you to using Linux. Mine was Sodipodi. It sucked in Windows.
  23. I believe in general conscription and feminism. I don’t believe in armies, wars or female chauvinism.
  24. I compulsively keep receipts of my purchases for at least a month. I don’t know why.
  25. I hate sitcoms from the bottom of my heart. I feel ashamed for most of the characters. I don’t own a tv.
  26. I don’t have a drivers licence, but I’ve always dreamt of owning and driving a Vespa. Preferably a pink one.


  • I’m terrible in Maths.

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2 Responses to 25 things

  1. pitzl says:

    I stumbled upon this blog during my random travels in cyberspace, and I am just intrigued by point # 17. What’s superstitious about opening an umbrella indoors ?