ALD09: Better late than never: thanks to @kathysierra

Ada Lovelace Day of 2009 was yesterday and I scratched my head trying to figure out who of the female geeks I’d value in so much I’d mention them in my blogpost. Then today I shuffled through my old pictures in Flickr and stumbled upon my pictures from GUADEC06 and suddenly remembered the one person who has inspired me on several occasions afterwards: Kathy Sierra.

I was fortunate enough to have seen her talk before she vanished from the radar scope, and have referred to her blog entries later in my life for inspiration. I’ve never been a gamer and not really a coder either, but her input to my thinking about user experience, marketing and blogosphere has been profound.

There are a few names I’d like to mention in addition to Kathy; many of the women of Ubuntu Women and the Finnish IRC collective of female geeks, who have been empowering and supportive in my daily quest to keep my sanity as one of the Invisible Pink Unicorns of the Internet, women who use/do Linux (and even might get paid for it!). I’d like to thank, in no special order, Mackenzie Morgan, Emma Jane Hogbin, Melissa Draper, Elizabeth Krumbach, Jonna Pesonen and Johanna Toikkanen. Some of the names you might or might not know, some probably are not that active in the development scene of Linux and Ubuntu but are “only end-users”, but all of them deserve a thank you from me. Thank you for being you.

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4 Responses to ALD09: Better late than never: thanks to @kathysierra

  1. Kathy Sierra says:

    Thank-you so much for this post, Miia. While I used to think that my highest goal was to help someone *learn* something new (in my case, technical), the last year has helped me realize that *inspiration* is even more important. So, to know that I’ve inspired someone is the best thing I could hear!


  2. JanC says:

    I think there isn’t that much difference between those two.

    What you and Miia call “inspiration” is something you teached other people too. Every good teacher teaches more than just the pure technical things that are the official content of their course.

    (Yes, I hope you will come back to *teach* us again, some day.)

  3. Dave81 says:

    Hi there,

    I think your blog is somewhat interesting and I’ve read some of your posts. Also it’s always nice to see something personal in a blog like this. Does not always have to be so technical. There is one thing I would change though. I’ve been working with UIs a little and the colors in this blog are horrible (yes, I know I’m being over dramatic here). Well not all but some. No offence :). I like all the colors in the world but for example light green links on white background won’t work (I had some hard time reading the text, but what about color-blind people?). Also the blog “name” could be written in some other color. There could also be less text and stuff on the front page. People today are too lazy scroll pages downwards “forever” :). Or maybe it’s just me, you decide.

    Anyway… nice blog, keep up the good work and will see me here more (or never again if you like :).

  4. pupnik says:

    Death threats from random 4chan geeks should be ignored, otherwise you let some nerd rule your life. Sorry to see Kathy made that mistake. It is reversible though.

    On a more serious note, there ARE people who KILL and TORTURE people because of what they say on the internet. protip: They work for the Government, and they are idiots.

    Grow a pair and live. Or ‘die’ like Kathy Sierra.