Music for the masses

I’ve been quite active lately in Qaiku, a Finnish microblogging site built on open source platform that tries to do microblogging better than Twitter and even the relative “Mother” of it, Jaiku. Lately there’s been lots of buzz about a new music service called TheSixtyOne. I was quite sceptic at first, because my music taste is quite mainline or dull in general, and is mainly for aspiring artists and underground/alternative stuff.

But then I was told that TheSixtyOne has something that none of the earlier services have: a gaming element. Yes. A Gaming Element. While you can listen to whatever music you find in the service – and they do have lots of CreativeCommons licenced stuff! – the service also guides you on how to find new, intresting music and how to enhance your experience by having Quests that you can do, Achievements you can reach and Reputation you can collect to Level up. Bloody brilliant.

Only thing I’m missing is an API and new ecosystem of applications for this. Listening to the music only with the browser is a bit tiresome, as browsers tend to be, atleast in my use, the most unstable part of my system. Proper applications would also help bypass Flash, which is all nice and fun on a proper browser, but on n800 or on my mobile I’m not even bothering.

In any case, ROCK ON!

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