So how do you pronounce that?

I’ve been around IRC since May 1995, using my current nickname from around early days of 1998 or so, and around Ubuntu community since February 2005, and the times I’ve been asked how I pronounce my nickname are so many I’ve lost track.

So here we are then :-)

myrtti.wav (Wave audio, 113K)
myrtti.ogg (Ogg/Speex, 24K)
myrtti.mp3 (MP3, 55K)

I couldn’t help myself ;-) :-P

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2 Responses to So how do you pronounce that?

  1. peder says:

    I couldn’t imagine an other pronunciation. (my language is german btw ;-))

  2. If it were Welsh it would probably be spelt like:


    Or Gaeigle


    SO be glad you speak German:)