Dear (software) Santa

I know I’ve been a naughty girl this year, but I’ve honestly tried to be nice and good. If you don’t mind too much, could you skip on the coal and bring me:

  • a better audiobook player for Linux than the existing ones. Features that I want include m3u playlists, resume from where left on start, adjustable sleep timer, support for librivox feeds, coverfinder from Amazon, and portability to Maemo 5. I wouldn’t mind if the interface would look like Sharp GF-777, or would have a option to look like it, too!
  • a counter app, you know, software equivalent of this. Shouldn’t be too hard to do, but I have no experience on GTK or any other graphical tool kit programming, or any language that uses any nice toolkit for Linux, since Java doesn’t count. If possible, I’d love a Maemo 5 widget too! Need it to keep track of knitted rows.
  • feature to Xournal to make closed freeform shapes with fill colour. Would help greatly in creating knitting patterns.
  • Peace and Goodwill for everyone in Ubuntu/Maemo communities,and for me personally more patience to handle people that haven’t gotten any, especially on IRC. If this is too hard to implement, O’Reilly books would also do.

KTHX. I’ll be waiting for you. I might knit you a pair of socks, if you tell me your shoesize.

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9 Responses to Dear (software) Santa

  1. Laura says:

    That’s rather cute :) I’m hoping Santa comes with an N900 :) and a ton of patince for dealing with IRC! :) Hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. Stefan says:

    is the counter app really just something like this: ?

    • myrtti says:

      YES! brilliant. Finally a way to end the constant “oh bother, which row was this again?” and “sixtyone, sixtytwo, sixtythree, hunny be quiet I’m counting the sti… *sigh* one, two, three…”

      <3 <3 <3

  3. Pratyay Modi says:

    Now thats cool as well as cute

    knit his socks ha nice one

    keep it up

  4. By the way, there are very excellent Java bindings to Gtk:

    Also, Python is an easy language to pick up and the gtk bindings are very nice.

    Regardless, nice list! :)

  5. jldugger says:

    On the Xournal front, I think you need to upgrade to Inkscape. Xournal’s more intended for annotation and math notes than precise technical illustration.

    And rather than wishing out loud, perhaps you should contact Panucci upstream. I see a in git, and I know it runs on maemo and has resume support. Apologies if the request is a rant on Panucci in disguise, I must admit I don’t actually care for audiobooks.

    • myrtti says:

      Thanks for your input! It seems that Inkscape is not ported to Maemo like Xournal is, and in many ways is less of what I want than Xournal is. Panucci runs on Maemo, but not on Linux. It also has no playlist support in N800, but when trying with maemo5 SDK it crashes, so I can’t really tell if the development of it has gone to the general direction of better.

  6. rickspencer3 says:

    drop #quickly on freenode and we’ll get you started writing your counter app :)