What I have been doing in my spare time…

Warning, a photo galore! I’ve not done a proper display of what I’ve done in years, so to show my workmanship, some photos :-)

More shawls and scarfs

Pink Linden Tired but warm (and geeky) Linden done Utuna Uhtu Aquila Jääkukka for TeijaTiia's scarf Feather'n'Fans

Some small clothing

One done, another to go Black hat for sisterA big one, eh? Cathat


Dishrag to be Knitted And Felted Nexus One Pouch Yeah, it's a phone pouch Many mobile phone pouches Pouches for N95 and Internet Tablet 770

And finally something totally else

Packing away the sewing machine into its protective bag Testing out the birthday present sewing machine Curtain pull Bamboo Curtain bamboo

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