Review: Watership Down, by Richard Adams, Finnish translation by Kersti Juva

Ruohometsän kansa

Ruohometsän kansa by Richard Adams, Finnish translation by Kersti Juva
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I fell in love with this book when I was a teenager, and I fell in love hard. I read the book a few times, listened it from cassettes, and finally bought a copy from the library old book sale and rebound it in art class. I’ve listened it in both Finnish and English, and my hardcover copy of the book is in Finnish.

I love the story. I dreamt dreams of rabbits for months and even presented the book in school. Now, travelling often in UK I highly enjoy seeing rabbits on the roadsides and imagining them to be Hazel crossing the road.

The book is a bit dark to be treated as a children’s book, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone aged 12 or less. Especially the animated picture movie is apparently somewhat traumatising from the start, so be aware that it may not be your (or your childs) cup of tea.

Other than that, the book is split into distinct parts of the story and it is very refreshing in its view about the world, which is told from the viewpoint of the rabbits. The author makes very plausible assumptions about how rabbits see the world – for example how threatening open spaces and high grounds are.

The Finnish translation is also excellent without any obvious mistakes. It’s been done by Kersti Juva, a wellknown and -established translator, also known as the translator of Lord of the Rings.

I fully recommend the book.

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