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What I have been doing in my spare time…

Warning, a photo galore! I’ve not done a proper display of what I’ve done in years, so to show my workmanship, some photos :-)

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Dear (software) Santa

I know I’ve been a naughty girl this year, but I’ve honestly tried to be nice and good. If you don’t mind too much, could you skip on the coal and bring me: a better audiobook player for Linux than … Continue reading

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Zen of Knitting

I’ve been feeling more and more stressed out lately. I have had problems in concentration, odd feelings of anxiety and lots of sleep deprivation. I’ve wanted something to take my mind off the most stressful parts of my life, and … Continue reading

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Dear Sant^H^H^H^HPlanet Ubuntu

For years I’ve been crying after a proper knitting pattern editor that does KnitML. Yesterday, after rambling at my employers internal XMPP coffee room about how maemo really needs that, since, hey, it really would be a killer application, a … Continue reading

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If I really knew how to code…

I’d fix gnabblet.sis (an application used on Symbian60 phones to patch their lack of support for FBUS) to work on Symbian60v3 I’d add GNU/Gettext support to gwibber and fix the Facebook bug I’d code a decent IRC client for Symbian60v3 … Continue reading

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LRL 2008 UK musings

As said on the previous post, I attended LUGradio Live last weekend. I’m still very, very, VERY tired, flying isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience ever, and this time the return flights were delayed because of bad weather conditions in Amsterdam. … Continue reading

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Joulu on todellakin tulossa

Kuvan latasi: myrtti Vanhat vihreä-valkoiset lapaset joita käytin yläasteella ovat parsitut pilalle. Kirjoneulemalli täytyi kuitenkin ottaa talteen jotenkin – mikä sen parempi tapa kuin neuloa uudet lapaset. Lankana Tampereen Taito-kaupasta ostettu 100% villalanka ja kuviot seiskaveikkaa. Joululahjaksi menevät nämäkin.

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I should really get a grip of myself. I haven’t exercized nor been eating properly for a month now. I’ve been a bit depressed (now playing: Stella – Piste.) for two months now and this is getting a bit tiresome. … Continue reading

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6233, education, knitting, winter

Winter has finally arrived to Tampere, and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Yesterday I went for a long walk, listening to radio and talking to my mom on the phone. The sun and the snow were … Continue reading

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Tampereen Taito-Shop

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