To be sold: Two male guinea pigs

Life goes on, and my life has recently taken in a turn that might require me to travel more. As I love my guinea pigs very much, I’m heartbroken to admit that my tender loving care might not be sufficient anymore, and it’s time for me to find them a new home.

Laku, the oldest of the two was born in late 2005. Alexavier was born in late April 2008. They are currently at my mothers since I will probably be traveling within two weeks to UK. They are searching for a new home in Southern Pirkanmaa, preferably in Valkeakoski-Tampere area. The fellers can be bought either with or without their cage and the equipment, but they will not be sold to be the single guinea pig. If you’re intrested, contact me.

//edit: as requested, pictures:
How to make sure you get your share invisible piano Nommage

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Zen of Knitting

One earI’ve been feeling more and more stressed out lately. I have had problems in concentration, odd feelings of anxiety and lots of sleep deprivation. I’ve wanted something to take my mind off the most stressful parts of my life, and have tried to cut down on the background noise that keeps my mind occupied and reserved from more important things. One of those has been drastic cutting down of IRC. I don’t remember when I’ve been without IRC for this long – I check on how things are going on two channels now and then, but don’t stay for more than an hour.

What finally helped me to relieve that stress was knitting. I love to knit. I’ve knitted for over twenty years now. I love to design things to knit, I love to fiddle yarn skeins. I’ve had periods I’ve not knitted for ages. After breaking up with a date of six months in last February, I lost the inspiration for a long time, and regained it only first by force and then by excitement of learning and doing new.

With by force I mean: I needed to do Christmas presents. I decided to knit a shawl. My rule of thumb is though: no new projects before finishing the previous. So I had to knit the Neko hat for Seppo.

Fifi done But the shawl turned out great, and so I’m knitting one for myself, with a different pattern. I’ve even started to use Ravelry, which is a total paradise for searching free patterns and ideas.

And to my surprise, well, not actually, knitting does really reduce my stress levels. People around me get warm things, I get new nice handmade clothes (socks and shawls, who knows what) and I’m not as pissed of as before. Win-Win.

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Dear Sant^H^H^H^HPlanet Ubuntu

Knitting on 21st century For years I’ve been crying after a proper knitting pattern editor that does KnitML. Yesterday, after rambling at my employers internal XMPP coffee room about how maemo really needs that, since, hey, it really would be a killer application, a coworker pointed me to this: Knitter. No, it’s not for maemo, but atleast it’s a knitting pattern editor!

What I don’t understand though, is why it has to be 3D? Could someone who has actually made more knitting patterns than I have explain this to me?

Anyway… I tried very very hard to compile and install it myself. All my tries ended up with an error, because, to be honest, I’m really not a coder/compiler type (yet). And I have no idea what’s wrong:

knitter_gui.h:24:26: error: wx/clrpicker.h: No such file or directory
knitter_gui.h:29:24: error: wx/gbsizer.h: No such file or directory

And I *DO* have all the damn wx-headers (wx2.4-headers, wx2.6-headers and even wx2.8-headers) installed. Either I’m ignoring something blindingly obvious, which is totally possible, or there’s something wrong. Whichever the case is, I’m not happy.

So. Dear Planet Ubuntu, and why not any other kind soul who is reading this as well. Please tell me where I’m going wrong, and please, would you do “[needs-packaging] Knitter” -bug to Ubuntu/Debian? I would do the latter myself, but you see, I need to knit…

//edit: btw, I’m running Intrepid on 64-bit, so if anyone has the deb laying around on their hard drive, I’d be more than happy to test it.

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Flash for 64-bit architecture

If you haven’t yet noticed, Adobe released a “pre-release quality” version of their penguin.swf version. That would mean, boys and girls, Flash plugin for 64-bit architecture. Installation might need some workout (I downloaded the installer script of the normal flash and removed the architecture check function), but:
[12:32] < Myrtti> this almost makes me cry
[12:32] < Myrtti> no npviewer.bin trashing my cpu fan

via @sil


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“It’s only a year late anyway…”

Once upon a time, many many years ago, I used KDE. This was sometime when Fedora was released, or thereabouts. I wasn’t that much into Linux at that time yet, but I hadn’t yet confessed to myself I was and am a geek to the core. Later when I moved perminantly from Windows to Linux, Ubuntu Warty Warthog had just been released. I wanted to use KDE, but I couldn’t! So I moved to using GNOME, I started loving it and and the pristine clear (but I admit, controversial) and slick UI.

I’ve had my relapses. I’ve installed AlbumArt from sources, and I use statically compiled Skype. I even installed Amarok once, long long time ago, though used it only for an hour and uninstalled. I try very hard to keep my computers Qt free zone. But one app always slithers its way to my computers no matter what. I was introduced to the application by a Summercode Finland project in 2006, but the love doesn’t go away.

Scribus is a desktop publishing application, a tool for professional page layout creation on Linux/Unix, MacOS X, OS/2 and Windows desktops. My fiddling with it has been limited to making badges for different conferences and making flyers for promoting a website here and there, but I love it to the extent I install it even when I don’t really want to install anything done with Qt.

I love Scribus a bit like an auntie loves her nieces and nephews, in a distant, non-intrusive way. I know one of the developers as heritage from summer of 2006, and I’ve once in a while given feature suggestions. I just today checked how one of my ideas from spring is doing and apparently it’s been already put in the svn… which… has the version 1.3.5… which is… only… about a year late from publishing?!

After discussing the matter with Riku (a.k.a. Tsoots @ freenode), he told me that apparently all the current developers are quite busy these days. Everyone is happily employed, life treats them good. Although this is nice, it’s a bit sad that the developement and bug crushing has stalled at a point when there’s only 8% of the future release roadmap issues to be solved!

So… If you feel a little tinge on your halo, feel that you could contribute in squashing these blocker bugs or help in any way, poke Tsoots in freenode or toss him an email to riku at He really wouldn’t mind. Rilly rilly.

What tickles me in the svn version is that little birdies tell me the new version would be more easily made to look like native GTK app! ;-)

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Using sudo with graphical apps is bad, mmmkay?

Just a really quick note to check that all of you are really aware using sudo with a graphical app is bad.

You did know that, right? RIGHT?

I’m not an expert on this, but others are. So please, do:
gksudo gedit
kdesu kate
gksudo mousepad

if you want to edit with a graphical editor, and use plain sudo only with terminal editors.

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Crazy Tech Ideas, part 1

Thoughts from the past week, random links and random ideas to follow. If none of these tickle your brain, I’m sorry.

1) Installing applications to my phone was previously something I really hated. I remember how horrible it was trying to get oggplay installed to my phone, typing the url to the darn things browser. But hey, atleast my N95 already came with the solution (which I didn’t know how to use properly and in an actually useful way before): 2D barcode reader. I used 2D barcodes to my book catalogue (more about this later in this post) entries, but not on much else.

This is where The Most Excellent Mobile Barcoder comes into play… or would, if I’d use Firefox (*DOH*). But despair not, all you users of Epiphany, Konqueror, Safari or even Opera or IE! Since I happen to know the developer of the extension personally *cough*, I asked if he could do a nice little bookmarklet (to be dragged to the bookmark bar of the browser) for me :-) and so he did. It works on Firefox too ;-) I made a smart bookmark of it myself for my personal use; I’ll leave making of it as an excercise to the reader.

2) Fire Eagle and Twitterfeed are a nice way to inform your microblogging friends what is going on. Especially Twitterfeeds add some of the missing features in Twitter and that Jaiku (my absolute favourite microblogging service) already has. Fire Eagle allows me to update my location in multiple ways and to also publish it in many ways. My favourite updating tools are Plazes, dopplr and J2ME updater, and my favourite publishing tool is Eaglefeed.

3) Book/CD/DVD/perfume/shoe/jewelry database is what I’ve been thinking of lately. I’ve already catalogued my books and my CD’s, but I still haven’t entered my perfumes nor my DVD’s or the few games I have to any database. I desperately need a place to database them all, if for nothing else, for letting other people to know what not to buy for me. I was pointed to which might just be what I need. I’m planning to move my music/book collection to there, but what I’m thinking is that since thinglink is open source, it should be expanded and clusterized and clients for it should be made and and and… if only I knew how to code! I’ve not yet studied the whole thing throughly so I don’t know which of my ideas have already been implemented, but damn.

4) Hardware acquisitions are so difficult these days. About two months ago I purchased a hard drive for my laptop in the hope that it would solve my laptops sluggishness (as smartctl suggested my hard drive might be dying). I spent most of my still hangoverish Monday to go to Pirkkala by bus from Hervanta to purchase a hard drive, they didn’t have the model I wanted on the shelf so I paid for a bigger model. I checked the hard drive and the laptop specs before I opened the package, and good thing I did. The laptop uses SATA, the drive I bought was IDE… >____< I just got the new correct hard drive a week ago, I still haven’t installed it, but will soon. BUT.

I need to buy more RAM, and this is where things start to get tricky: I have no idea what kind of RAM this thing eats and how much I should/could purchase. This document (PDF) tells me I could max to 4GB, but I’m still uncertain of the type of RAM.

5) Intrepid Ibex is out and since I’ve been running it on my laptop since August, I didn’t for once feel the odd jittery feeling and anxiety of a new Ubuntu version. I did attend the release day madhouse at #ubuntu and #ubuntu-release-party as a good IRC op should, but that was about it. I guess I’m a bit blind to the new and cool stuff in it, though I do appreciate seeing the fruits of the project I looked over during the summer by one of my Finnish Summercoders who I later recruited to work for Nomovok to be included in Intrepid.

I’ve had my share of problems with Intrepid though – and I’m sad to confess my tight schedule on both work and personal life stuff has prevented me from looking up most of them. My laptop has no wireless in Intrepid with the latest kernel of 2.6.27-7, for reasons I’ve not checked. Might be that I’ve blacklisted a module, though I doubt it as 2.6.27-6 works nice-ish (cuts the signal in a way that, for example, Skype calls hang up from time to time). My laptop has Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01), which works fine with ath5k.

6) Out of professional interest I’ve got a sudden urge to install Gentoo, LFS and/or *BSD on a virtualized system. Odd. Some may speculate I’ve lost my mind. Perhaps I have.

7) I want Nokia Internet Tablet n800 really bad. Not n810, I want especially n800. People have asked me *why*, but the answer is actually quite simple. I don’t need GPS, as my phone has GPS. I don’t want moving slided keyboard, as the hardware keyboard doesn’t have *the* Finnish keyboard layout I wish it had. I don’t want moving sliding keyboard, as it would be yet another moving part that would break when dropping the thing, or yet another moving thing collecting guinea pig hair or crisp bread crumbs in between the moving parts. The hardware specs are really better for me in the older model than in the newer one. Anyone care to sell me one cheap? I want to play Numpty Physics, do Ekiga calls, have Flash on my browser for watching youtube and Skype to work on a mobile device. These are the things my trustworthy 770 can’t do.

8) OMG OMG I want zebra to Ubuntu, too! VOTE FOR IT! (and if you can contribute in the development, please add support for QR/DataMatrix, plz?)

9) YES!

10) I’m still an emacs fangirl

even if someone has tried to bribe me in multiple ways ;-)

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HOWTO: Symbian60v3 (Nokia N95), SIP and

Finally VoIP craze hit me. I’ve had Skype account for ages, account for about a year, and a Nokia N95 for about a year also. I knew it is possible to configure my phone into using SIP, but never really bothered. I’ve been fighting with my laptop for a while now, and while I do manage to get the webcam to work, the microphone is somewhat flaky. Fortunately I do have my desktop computer, on which Everything Just Works. But since I really can’t be bothered to sit by my desktop computer all the time, I decided to finally configure my account on my phone.

And in the end, the process was very painfree. With some google-fu the settings were found – all I needed was to ask a friend how the network connection should be handled as mine didn’t seem to work because of the NAT in my home network. And the answer to that problem was obvious – use 3G instead. The sound quality is astoundingly good with even the lowest bandwidth provided by my mobile phone service provider, Saunalahti.

Anyway – here are the settings and the steps documented in a nice neatly fashion:
ToolsSettingsConnectionsSIP settingsAccount settingsAccount settings, 2Registrar serverRegistrar server, 2

  1. navigate to: System/Tools –> Settings –> Connection –> SIP Settings
  2. Create a new profile:
    • Name it as, for example,
    • Service-Profile: IETF
      Public Username: sip:$
      Compression: no
      Proxy: none
    • Registrar:
      Username: $YOURUSERNAME
      Password: $YOURPASSWORD
      Transport: UDP
      Port: 5060
  3. stop and think how do you want to be contacted:
    • about all the time – Registration: Always on; only when you call or want to be contactable on your phone – Registration: When needed.
    • On the move – Default access point: Your (hopefully cheap / monthly subscribed / unlimited) data transfer plan access point*; Mostly at a known wifi hotspot – Default access point: Your wifi hotspot.**

Here be the disclaimers:
* I tried with my own 3G connection provided by Saunalahti – 384kbit/s (lowest speed there is), and the sound quality was sufficient.
** for me my home network is configured in a way with NAT that using wifi doesn’t work. It would require fiddling with some ports, if you have access to your router and know what you’re doing, this page might give you some hints what to do – it also may not. I’ve not tried.

I tried these settings with calling to the echo service (that’s for those of you who didn’t already know) and ended up giggling at my own voice like a maniac – and then tried it twice more just for the giggles. As a friend hadn’t tried his settings (the same as mine) on his E51, I called him to get confirmation on the sound quality, which was amazingly good.

These settings were found from here, if you’re wondering what theme I’ve got on my phone, it’s found from here, and the programs that are in the first screenshot as quick launchers are BusWatch, Enhanced Calculator for s60, alarm clock, synchronisation and mirggi, s60 IRC client I use to connect to my irssi-proxy handling my connections to IRCnet, freenode and my bitlbee, which in turn handles my connections to MSN, ICQ, and GoogleTalk- XMPP connections.

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I fixed ur type error

cats + humour + geekyness + lolcats = lamdbacats.

I don’t have cats, so…
Laku codes?

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“OK, who’s bright idea was this?” -meme

I can’t be blamed for this, srsly. Sorry folks.
Blame Og Maciel.

Og Maciel meme

  1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
  2. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.
  3. Post that picture with NO editing.
  4. Post these instructions with your picture.
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