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this is definitely going into the OMGLOL -category of things!

So many years ago I used to play typera, a game in which you had to type words scrolling on your terminal screen as fast as you could. I’ve also been a fan of dancing games, not that I’ve been any good in them. And yes, then there was the Typing of the Dead. Anyone remember that?

The fun about dancing games is partly about those japanese songs. Well, here’s the killer game for those of us who need to keep their typing skills to the max and want to do it in a fun way:

I’ve already played this for a while and gosh it’s addictive!

Thanks to mehue for the link!

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Forest friends

a “recent” meme via Maco:
I’ve had three major naming schemes with my ICT appliance/hardware. First one started on 2003, with my first computer resurrected as a home server. It was named as pingu, for its penguin soul and also for its Swiss namesake animation series. Later, as I moved to using Linux on my personal desktop (and later laptop), my computers got names like nanook (I remember doing a GNOME splashscreen out of that Wikimedia Commons picture), auviq, perhaps even orca. Related to those came Finnish words for snow, lumi, kinos, nuoska, loska.

Later I got employed by COSS for my first “Real Job”. By that time I had developed a caffeine addiction and had to compensate the horrible tar side product also referred as “coffee” at the office. So started a new naming scheme for computers at work. Came mocha, cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, latte, lumumba, kahlua.

Currently I work for Nomovok and my whole ICT hardware has gone through a total overhaul. I urgently needed some kind of a scheme to name my loved tools. So now, I’m living in the era of <drumroll /> Winnie the Pooh scheme:
Kengu – homeserver – Kanga
Tikru – desktop – Tigger

Kani – laptop – Rabbit
Puh – Nokia 6021 – Pooh
Nasu – Nokia N95 – Piglet
Ruu – Nokia IT 770 – Roo

Ihaaexternal 320GB hard drive – Eeyore
Möhköfantti – Samsung SCX-4200 – Heffalump

And they all live in…
PuolenHehtaarinMetsä – WPA2 ESSID – HalfAcreWoods

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I love (easter) eggs!

I just found out that my shell provider has been kind enough to compileinstall screen, geeks best friend, compiled with the flag NETHACK(ref)!


{"No other window.",
"You cannot escape from window %d!"},

{"Detach aborted.",
"The blast of disintegration whizzes by you!"},

{"First mark set - Column %d Line %d",
"You drop a magic marker - Column %d Line %d"},

{"New screen...",
"Be careful! New screen tonight."},

{"Creating logfile \"%s\".",
"You start writing on your scroll of logging named \"%s\"."},

{"getpwuid() can't identify your account!",
"An alarm sounds through the dungeon...\nThe Keystone Kops are after you!"},

{"There are screens on:",
"Your inventory:"},

note: enabling/disabling by typing ctrl-a nethack on/off in your screen session.

/me resists the urge to install nethack-gnome…
(Thank you, Renter!)

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Dear LazyWeb: libnotify + Google Reader?

I’ve tried a gazillion feed readers. I’ve used Liferea, yarssr, rssowl, irssi-rss, gdesklets…

As I’m a fairly mobile person (and in this case mobility can mean anything from shifting from using desktop computer to laptop computer to using only mobile phone and/or my Nokia 770), I’ve not been happy with having multiple instances of the same reader (or even worse, multiple different readers) running on several different platforms. On Sunday, I became very frustrated because of this, and although I love RSSowl to pieces, I’ve moved to the simplest and the most accessible feed reader, Google Reader.

This solution is not the best possible still, as I’ve grown accustomed to have libnotify or an equivalent alerting me with a bubble about new, unread entries. One solution to this is to publish all my feeds and use YET ANOTHER RSS READER, such as… “Yet Another RSS Reader”, also known as yarssr… *sigh* which can almost do what I wantalso sucks and can’t do a thing I want it to do except make a pretty icon on the systray…

So. Is there any solution of my problem? I want to – at minimum – get a nice little bubble informing me that I’ve got unread feed items. Or, if not, would someone be willing to mentor me to create such an application (preferably cross-desktop, to be usable in all Ubuntu derivatives) with Python?

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If I really knew how to code…

  • I’d fix gnabblet.sis (an application used on Symbian60 phones to patch their lack of support for FBUS) to work on Symbian60v3
  • I’d add GNU/Gettext support to gwibber and fix the Facebook bug
  • I’d code a decent IRC client for Symbian60v3 phones (or others with J2ME) that could do multiple networks, hilights, aliasing, mute, tabcomplete
  • I’d add Adblock Plus support to Epiphany
  • I’d help with Epiphany/Webkit
  • I’d make midori less buggy and crashy
  • I’d contribute more to Terminator
  • I’d try to fix Epilicious addons Delicious functionality on Epiphany
  • I’d try to create a Fuzzy Clock screenlet
  • I’d help with irssi-otr
  • I’d modify apport to allow editing of the data before uploading them to launchpad
  • I’d code an application similar to FairIsle.jar for designing knitting patterns that would save the knitting patterns in KnitML, be GPL’d and done in Python with GTK/Qt frontends

/me picks up her copy of “Learning Python” by Mark Lutz and starts on page 1…

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From the “I feel like a Great Ancient One” department

2 dl coconut milk
¼ dl sugarbeet flakes
¼ dl flaxseed
2 dl water
2 eggs
flour to reach desired consistency (~2 dl)

butter for frying

jam, jelly, marmelade, syrup, sugar, sweetening OR savory filling of choice (mine: strawberry-rhubarb jam)

a pink candle
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I’m too geeky for myself, too geeky…

The older I get, the more surprised I am over how things were different when I was younger and how I feel as an outsider in many many ways. This is part of closing in on the magic marker line of 30 years, seeing what my old schoolmates are doing in their lives, and looking at the social network I’ve built for myself.

I’ve referred to myself as the Invisible Pink Unicorn several times in past few years as sometimes I feel that I’m only figment of someone’s imagination and my existance is purely a matter of faith. And sometimes, when I look at my life from the perspective of others, it feels like I am an outsider. Sometimes when I blog, or change my status in Facebook, or twit or jaiku to the Internet, I wonder how many of my old schoolmates and childhood friends understand a word what I’m saying.

Silvia/Sivilla comparisonMany mobile phone pouches
Funny things I’ve noticed lately in my own life:

  • I carry O’Reilly GNU/Emacs Pocket Reference in my backpack, handbag, purse
  • I needed to take a picture of a yarn colour card for a friend. Since I know she’s as geek as I am, I decided to include my Emacs Pocket Reference and an Ubuntu Desktop 32-bit installation CD as colour references.
  • I think lambdacats are hilarious
  • When I was at Assembly Summer 2008, I bought myself an USB light… so I could crochet in the dark
  • One of the most beautiful and romantic gifts I’ve ever gotten from a male was my vanity domain
  • I’ve knitted endless amounts of pouches for my mobile phones
  • I think Basshunters “Boten Anna” is really a touching song… And Douglas Couplands Microserfs wonderfully romantic book…

But at the end of the day, I’m really confused. Sometimes it feels my gender and my intrests in the ICT world can’t be mixed. My jokes are sometimes sexist and biased (yes, I am blonde myself), but I can be insulted with sexist and biased jokes. Then again sometimes I feel incompetent with my miniscule skills with coding. Most of my schoolmates from elementary school probably know even less programming than I do. I feel like a traitor falling into the “traditional” pitfalls of Women in ICT, mastering documentation, translation, advocation and community work, not coding.

The Invisible Pink Unicorn…

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Open source personality

Yes, I’m way too tired and I should be fast asleep – tomorrowtoday I’m planning to go to Assembly for the weekend. I’ve already wasted horrible amounts of time this week tweaking computers (installed Ubuntu on my nieces brand new HP 530 laptop with Wubi, used Live Clamav to clean out some viruses from a Windows 2000) on my only vacation week this year, and I’m going to plop the cherry on top by attending a geek fest. yay for me and my ingeniuity.

I also showed my sister some fineries of using Facebook, like how to navigate (“ooh I didn’t know you can return to that start page by clicking the logo!”) and to change status and add a profile picture. She wanted to add “those cool buttons you’ve got” and the way she is accepting every damned app her friends invite her to, she’s going to have lots of them soon. I’ve removed lots of my own apps recently and have also started to block out the most obnoxious ones. The ones that are left are those I’ve deemed atleast semi-usable…

One of those I’ve got left is MyType – an application to show your Myers-Briggs type indicator. Plenty of people think this is great big brouhaha, but for some odd reason I think MBTI can truthfully give a quick view to a persons personality. A quick survey among few my closest friends in FLOSS field has revealed a surprising fact – though my own personality type, INFJ is supposedly rarest among the general population – it seems that plenty of my friends are actually INFJ personalities, people with Introverted, Intuition-based, Feeling and Judging personality.

And why not:

“INFJs tend to be devoted to what they believe in and seek work where their needs, values, and ideals can be deeply engaged. They move on the wave of their inspirations and are determined to see that their values are worked out in their lives. They will work toward their goals individually and, when needed, will put together a team of other highly dedicated people like themselves.”
Sandra Krebs Hirsch and Jean Kummerow

I’m not a big fan of pulling great assumptions based on such a tests, no matter how scientific they might seem, but I remember doing this test about 10 years ago in school as some professional considered it a valid tool for assessing what kind of future careers might fit our personality. I’ve done the test several times since and the results never change, and I actually think INFJ reflects my personality quite well. In the light of that I think I’ve picked the perfect career and the perfect intrests; this might be the reason I’m so strongly devoted to FLOS solutions.

Go ahead, test yourself.

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