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Viglen MPC-L from Xubuntu 10.04 LTS to Debian stable

With Ubuntu not supplying a kernel suitable for the CPU (a Geode GX2 by National Semiconductors, a 486 buzzing at 399MHz clock rate) of my Viglen MPC-L (the one Duncan documented the installation of Xubuntu in 2010), it was time … Continue reading

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If I really knew how to code…

I’d fix gnabblet.sis (an application used on Symbian60 phones to patch their lack of support for FBUS) to work on Symbian60v3 I’d add GNU/Gettext support to gwibber and fix the Facebook bug I’d code a decent IRC client for Symbian60v3 … Continue reading

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Dear Lazyweb: irssi, OTR, bitlbee

Dear Lazyweb: As an irssi fangirl, I constantly search for solutions to enhance my IRC experience. One of them is logging which I adore. I log all my private conversations (for I’ve lost relevant email addresses, snailmail addresses, phone numbers, … Continue reading

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