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ALD09: Better late than never: thanks to @kathysierra

Ada Lovelace Day of 2009 was yesterday and I scratched my head trying to figure out who of the female geeks I’d value in so much I’d mention them in my blogpost. Then today I shuffled through my old pictures … Continue reading

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“It’s only a year late anyway…”

Once upon a time, many many years ago, I used KDE. This was sometime when Fedora was released, or thereabouts. I wasn’t that much into Linux at that time yet, but I hadn’t yet confessed to myself I was and … Continue reading

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I love (easter) eggs!

I just found out that my shell provider has been kind enough to compileinstall screen, geeks best friend, compiled with the flag NETHACK(ref)! Hilarious! {“No other window.”, “You cannot escape from window %d!”}, {“Detach aborted.”, “The blast of disintegration whizzes … Continue reading

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Dear LazyWeb: libnotify + Google Reader?

I’ve tried a gazillion feed readers. I’ve used Liferea, yarssr, rssowl, irssi-rss, gdesklets… As I’m a fairly mobile person (and in this case mobility can mean anything from shifting from using desktop computer to laptop computer to using only mobile … Continue reading

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If I really knew how to code…

I’d fix gnabblet.sis (an application used on Symbian60 phones to patch their lack of support for FBUS) to work on Symbian60v3 I’d add GNU/Gettext support to gwibber and fix the Facebook bug I’d code a decent IRC client for Symbian60v3 … Continue reading

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Open source personality

Yes, I’m way too tired and I should be fast asleep – tomorrowtoday I’m planning to go to Assembly for the weekend. I’ve already wasted horrible amounts of time this week tweaking computers (installed Ubuntu on my nieces brand new … Continue reading

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Heippa maailma!

“Hi, my name is Miia and I’m an Ubuntuholic.” Hi, I’m Miia Ranta, one of the recent additions to Ubuntu members but also to Planet Ubuntu. I’ve been using Ubuntu since February 2005, Linux few times before that. I can … Continue reading

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A meme that I can happily participate in to

via bergie: myrtti@tikru:~$ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head 115 sudo 58 grep 35 ssh 34 man 31 ./plain-pdf.sh 21 cd 20 bibtex 16 ./modified-html.sh 15 ls 15 ifconfig

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