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Dear Sant^H^H^H^HPlanet Ubuntu

For years I’ve been crying after a proper knitting pattern editor that does KnitML. Yesterday, after rambling at my employers internal XMPP coffee room about how maemo really needs that, since, hey, it really would be a killer application, a … Continue reading

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Dear LazyWeb: libnotify + Google Reader?

I’ve tried a gazillion feed readers. I’ve used Liferea, yarssr, rssowl, irssi-rss, gdesklets… As I’m a fairly mobile person (and in this case mobility can mean anything from shifting from using desktop computer to laptop computer to using only mobile … Continue reading

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If I really knew how to code…

I’d fix gnabblet.sis (an application used on Symbian60 phones to patch their lack of support for FBUS) to work on Symbian60v3 I’d add GNU/Gettext support to gwibber and fix the Facebook bug I’d code a decent IRC client for Symbian60v3 … Continue reading

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Byebye Blogilista

Those of you who are following my adventures in Blogostania via blogilista, get a better rss aggregator since this will be the last post you’ll find from me there before I get my username and blogs deleted from there. I … Continue reading

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A meme that I can happily participate in to

via bergie: myrtti@tikru:~$ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head 115 sudo 58 grep 35 ssh 34 man 31 ./plain-pdf.sh 21 cd 20 bibtex 16 ./modified-html.sh 15 ls 15 ifconfig

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