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Things I learnt about managing people while being a Wikipedia admin

Just over four years ago I gave up my volunteer, unpaid role as an administrator of the Finnish Wikipedia. Today, while discussing with a friend, I realised what has been one of the most valuable lessons in both my professional … Continue reading

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And then, unexpectedly, life happens

I hope none of you have expected me to blog more often. It’s been over a year since I’ve last blogged, and so much has happened since I last did. I’ve travelled to Cornwall, started a Facebook page that got … Continue reading

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Zen of Knitting

I’ve been feeling more and more stressed out lately. I have had problems in concentration, odd feelings of anxiety and lots of sleep deprivation. I’ve wanted something to take my mind off the most stressful parts of my life, and … Continue reading

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Forest friends

a “recent” meme via Maco: I’ve had three major naming schemes with my ICT appliance/hardware. First one started on 2003, with my first computer resurrected as a home server. It was named as pingu, for its penguin soul and also … Continue reading

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